COMING SOON: ἐκλεκτός – The BECHIRIM – His Elect (Chosen ones)… unifed as one Body!

I am so excited about what our God is doing in these days and what is to come!  I look forward to sharing with you, and you with me, the joys in this battle for eternity!  Thankfully, we have a Champion who loves us in such an immeasurable way, who has already given EVERYTHING necessary to secure our victory!  We are about to have the scales fall from our eyes, as we grasp FULLY, who we as His ‘Beloved’ Bride.

I plan on putting this page in to place as rapidly as possible, so that it can be utilized by any one of you, my God-fearing, Saviour accepting siblings!  However, it is He who directs this path and I will do my best to maintain the patience that I so desperately need, knowing what is about to happen.  All prayers are welcomed, needed and asked for, particularly those of wisdom, direction, insight and the patience that I had just mentioned.  Thank you, in advance.

At this time, if you have stumbled on to this page by accident, let me encourage you to take a look at where I believe we are headed as His Bride, as we begin our ‘preparations’!


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